Monday, January 27, 2014

SUAA Updates 01/27/2014

To All SUAA Members and Readers:
  • Governor Quinn will be making his State of the State Address at NOON on Wednesday, January 29th before the General Assembly.  According to the media his focus will be on his victories (cutting YOUR pension benefits), job creation, raising the minimum wage and the financial challenges that the State is facing.  Check your local TV and radio listings and the General Assembly’s website to hear the speech.
  • For those of you who signed up for the State sponsored Medicare Advantage Health Insurance Plan remember that it goes into effect on Saturday, February 1st.  No changes to those who are currently working.
  • CIGNA’s recent exit of networks, especially in Southern Illinois and other places around the State, sent many clients into a frenzy. CIGNA’s responsibility ended on December 31, 2013.  This departure outwardly had nothing to do with changes to the Medicare eligible retirees health insurance; it actually affected all ages.  Unfortunately, CIGNA and/or CMS neglected to get the message out to those who needed to have this information.  Re-scheduling of medical treatments were of consequence.  Some of you might have gotten stuck with out-of-network costs, therefore, making your personal financial responsibility much higher.
  • Look for SUAA’s Pension Lawsuit to be filed in February.  SUAA is still seeking contributions.  Goal is $500,000. Please send your contributions to SUAA Legal Fund; c/o SUAA; 217 East Monroe Street, Suite 100; Springfield, IL 62701.  All contributions pay for the costs associated with the lawsuit.  Check out the SUAA website for making a credit card contribution.  All contributions are important, regardless of the size. Click Here to make a contribution
  • SUAA will be scheduling Regional Meetings throughout the State to discuss PA 98-0599, the lawsuit and proposed changes to the SUAA constitution and by-laws.  SURS will be assisting with the PA 98-0599 wherever they can. The campus Human Resource departments will schedule seminars for those who are currently working.  I will be providing assistance and be in attendance whenever I can.  The Regional Meetings and the HR Campus Meetings will have different content; both working to meet the needs of the audience. 
  • Watch for a schedule of events!  Check the SUAA website often –

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