Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Senate Bill 1

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the General Provisions, General Assembly, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), State Employee, State Universities, Downstate Teacher, and Judges Articles of the Illinois Pension Code. Contains a Part A, which is intended by the General Assembly as a stand-alone reform of the General Assembly, State Employee, State Universities, and Downstate Teacher Articles of the Illinois Pension Code and takes effect upon becoming law. Contains a Part B, which is intended to provide alternative provisions that take effect only if and when a corresponding portion of Part A is determined to be unconstitutional or otherwise invalid or unenforceable. In Part A, caps pensionable salary, temporarily suspends and reduces the amount of automatic annual increases, requires the systems to be 100% funded by 2043, and increases required employee contributions. In Part B, requires persons to make an election either to accept reductions in the amount of, as well as delays in eligibility for, automatic annual increases or to forgo certain healthcare benefits and future increases in pensionable income. Effective upon becoming law, except that specified portions of Part B take effect upon the date following the date upon which certain contingencies occur.

Title: SB0001
Introduced by Sen. John J. Cullerton
Date Cited: January 29, 2013
Link to Full Text:  http://tinyurl.com/bj73za7

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