Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vote NO on the Constitutional Amendment!

Title: Vote NO on the constitutional amendment!
Author: AFSCME Council 31
Publication: AFSCME Website

A referendum at the top of this November's ballot could have disastrous implications for your retirement security.

When you vote on Nov. 6, before you get to the candidates, you will be asked to determine whether the Illinois State Constitution should be amended to make it more difficult to improve pension benefits for public employees.

AFSCME strongly recommends a NO vote on this constitutional amendment.

HJRCA 49 asks whether a 3/5 vote of the Illinois General Assembly should be required in order to improve any pension benefit for any public employee and whether a 3/5 vote of any local government body or school district should be required to approve any collective bargaining agreement that includes incentives or additional compensation increases beyond salary that enhance pensions.

AFSCME encourages all members to vote NO on this constitutional amendment.

HJRCA 49 is unfair because it:

  • Is undemocratic--all other laws, ordinances, etc. can be enacted with a simple majority vote;
  • Requires a 3/5 majority vote for improvements to pension benefits, but any reduction in pension benefits will still only require a simple majority;
  • Could cause more labor disputes at the local government and school district level because even if the union and management reach agreement on a contract, a minority of a city council, county board or school district could block its implementation; and
  • Will make it even more difficult to improve the very low Tier 2 benefit schedule that currently exists for employees hired after January 1, 2011.

HJRCA 49 was put on the ballot by politicians seeking to cover up their failure to adequately fund public pensions.

HJRCA 49 is backed by big business groups who want to create the impression that public employee pensions are too high.

Click below to download a flyer you can use to inform your co-workers, friends and family. Encourage everyone you know to vote NO on HJRCA 49.

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