Thursday, April 12, 2012

Topinka Opens the Ledger
for Taxpayer Inspection

Title: Topinka Opens the Ledger Taxpayer Inspection
Publication: State of Illinois Comptroller Website
Date Published: April, 2012

Initiative Delivers Unprecedented Fiscal Information

CHICAGO – Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka on Monday unveiled The Ledger, a comprehensive online financial database that sets a new standard for transparency. In fact, the site provides taxpayers with the same up-to-date numbers and information that is used by Topinka’s office in carrying out its Constitutional duties.

Launched Monday, The Ledger allows taxpayers to click their way through everything from the state’s daily receipts and bill backlog numbers to state agency budgets and expenses. The site also provides a state employee database, allowing taxpayers to view all public salaries and recent additions to Illinois’ payroll.

The Ledger can be found at

“The Ledger is the most comprehensive, up-to-date online financial database that Illinois has seen,” said Topinka, adding that the site is automatically electronically updated each day. “Beyond providing the day’s balances and transactions, the site allows taxpayers to inspect state revenues, expenses, contracts and salaries – all without having to move from their home computer.”

To further assist taxpayers, information on the site is available for download, meaning site visitors can immediately generate a hard copy of everything from state agency budgets to employee salary listings. Specifically, the site provides:

  • Daily General Funds balances and bond rating information
  • Unpaid bill totals on file at the Comptroller’s Office
  • State contract database providing agreement descriptions, with an option to obtain the document itself
  • State salary database detailing payments to all public employees
  • Revenue and expense database containing all transactions
  • All state financial reports
  • Automatically-generated Freedom of Information request for additional information

“The Taxpayers Federation of Illinois applauds Comptroller Topinka’s interest in improving fiscal transparency in Illinois,” said Tom Johnson, President of the Taxpayers Federation of Illinois, a leading non-partisan advocacy organization. “We look forward to working with her to make the Comptroller’s fiscal data more accessible to taxpayers throughout the state.”

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